Super Cropsie is created when the player or cascades match the cropsies to a square shape or contain square shape in the match or use Watering Can to a normal cropsie.


  • When it is created in a level without specific cropsie type, it provides +2 bonus nearby cropsies in the level goals. For example, in the level with carrots, bananas, pears, plums as a level goal and all six types of cropsie are on the board, when tomato become a super tomato, it automatically provides bonus nearby cropsies except tomatoes and water drops and super tomato disappears.
  • When it is created in level with the specific type of normal cropsie, it has a minimum of 6 value to a maximum of 20 value depending on the value of each cropsie that is used to combine a super cropsie.
  • When it is created in level with the specific type of super cropsie, it has a yellow ribbon on the bottom right.
  • When it is created nearby a squirrel, the squirrel immediately swings its tails on 5×5 range centering the squirrel, and if there are nuts in the range, they will be collected.
  • When it is created nearby a goat, the goat immediately finds the nearest hay and collect it.
  • When it is created right under the cloud, it will be super-charged to strike cropsies at 5 points immediately.