Level 248 is the 13th level in Clog Canals and wind level in Farm Heroes Super Saga. To pass this level, the player must collect 5 flowers, 50 pears, 50 water drops, and 2 super plumes in 19 moves or fewer. If the player has extra moves left, Show Time will be activated.


This level is medium hard.


  • Remove the leafs to find the flowers (always at the same places).
  • Check every move for possibility to form a super-plume.
  • Make moves to the outside to profit from windfall cascades.


Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100% 110% 120%

Total requirement

107 118 129


  • Drastically reduced requirements: 40 cropsies each less, and one super-plume less, with same number of moves, makes the level much easier.


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Past VersionEdit

  • Past version has 18 moves.