Farm Heroes Super Saga has six main game modes, each contain a certain difficulty like the other games made by King.

Game ModesEdit

Below is the list of six main game modes:

  • Collection: Collection is the primary game mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga. In Collection mode, you have to collect a predetermined number of cropsies in order to pass the level.
  • Flower: In Flower mode, you have to awake the sleepy plants from their restful slumber! You do this by creating matches next to them, the bigger the match the more the flower buds. Once it’s fully open it will be collected!.
  • Hay: In Hay mode, you have to convince the goat to chomp up all the hay by creating matches that are aligned horizontally or vertically with the goat. The goat will then move in a straight line, chomping any hay in his way has he goes.
  • Nut: In Nut mode, you have to create matches that move the nut towards the squirrel. Once the nut is adjacent to the squirrel, it will swipes its tail and collect it.
  • Wind: Wind is a brand new feature that appears on certain levels and will refill the board with Cropsies by following the direction of your match. For example, if you create a horizontal match by swiping from left to right, the board will refill from left to right after the match instead of top to bottom.
  • Boss: One of the great new features in Farm Heroes Super Saga is the brand new boss mode! Rancid can show up at random and make levels harder by throwing garbage onto the board. To get rid of Rancid, create matches next to the garbage to throw it at him. Eventually he will become dazed and run off to lick his wounds! Not like in Farm Heroes Saga, Boss mode is not fixed for a certain level.


  • Each mode can be combined other modes. Like collection + wind + nut that the player has to collect specific amount of Cropsies and nuts with wind feature.
  • Boss (Rancid) mode is the only mode that available only once at single level in specific time.