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Country Show is the awesome new ‘meta-game’ in Farm Heroes Super Saga, where the player can win fame and coins by growing his/her very own cropsie. Every day, players are automatically entered into a new Country Show and they will have that day to grow the biggest cropsie they can.

It used to be a week, but made it quite absurd to play, however there is nothing to do against this as you are forced into it. But if you cannot pass many leves a day, which is abolutely impossible on higher levels, you cannot achieve much. So took any fun out of this.

How can it work?Edit

1-Growing your cropsie is easy, each time you play a level, you’ll receive stars; the better you do at a level, the more stars you get.


2-Which is important because stars are used to feed your cropsie.


3-There are five tiers in the Country Show with tier one being the best. The higher the tier, the more coins you gain to use on boosters in the in-game shop!