Cloud or Tony the Cloud is one of the elements of Farm Heroes Super Saga. It goes through 3 stages.


  • Cloud will move one square depending on wind's direction. If the wind blows left to right, the cloud will move to the right.
  • When the player matches cropsie under the cloud, the cloud becomes darker.
  • When the player charges the cloud on the last step, it randomly hits 5 cropsies on the board. It can also hit on-board characters like Eddie the Goat, or squirrels Fidget and Darwin, to activate their special abilities immediately. These on-board characters have priority in being hit by Cloud when the items they need to bring in (haystacks and acorns) are required resources.
  • The cloud can also be super-charged to its last stage in one single move, by simply creating a square cropsie match (that creates a super cropsie) right under the cloud.

How to make it workEdit